You first, then the dress

Style, not fashion

Effortless silhouette, immaculate fit


At FS, we know that after-5pm attire can be tricky to navigate and exhausting to contemplate. The co-founders, Bryn Taylor and Peggy Yu, know this all too well. Bryn, as a stylist to women across all life stages and Peggy, as her faithful client, once forced to scour her closet, stores, and ecommerce sites for the “right” outfits.

So, we created a versatile collection of after-5pm essentials that can be mixed and matched within not only the FS collection, but also existing wardrobes.

We’re on a mission to reinvent evening apparel. From what “evening” means (yes, it’s out with your girlfriends and not just galas) to the types of fabric we drape on our bodies. All in the pursuit of an effortless and dare we say, fun, evening.


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