How to dress sexy


During my styling sessions, I’ve heard women from all walks of life describe wanting to feel sexy.

A new mom who wants to feel sexy again. An executive who’s looking to make her spring wardrobe ‘fun and a little bit sexy’. And a young lawyer who, in his own way, alluded towards wanting to look less buttoned up and more ‘approachable when socializing’. Translation: sexy.

The word sexy tends to have a certain connotation when it comes to clothes. Typically, we think of low-cut, super tight, or no clothes at all. But I want to offer up another way of looking at it.

Here are some alternative ways to think about sexy when it comes to your wardrobe.

Explore Alternative Skin Zones.

You have a lot of skin, which means there are plenty of strategic, unexpected parts to flaunt. I like to call them Alternative Skin Zones. Some super sexy, non-traditional areas to show off are shoulders, lower back, clavicles, ankles, and even forearms. All of these can be incredibly seductive.


Or show no skin at all.

Sometimes the more covered you are the sexier you appear. It’s not just the power of suggestion, but the confidence that’s exuded from your clothes. Think Grace Jones in a suit, Marilyn Monroe in a black turtleneck, or Judith Light in basically any red carpet appearance.

w600_q65 (2).jpeg

Keep different fabrics in mind.

Certain fabrics just naturally exude sexiness. Silk is always a favorite, as is slinky rayon jersey (which our Saz collection is made in). Leather or faux leather can also be dead sexy.


Use makeup and hair to your advantage.

Hair and makeup can do wonders to make any overall look feel sexy. I am always a fan of subtle French bedhead along with a deep red lip. Smokey eyes also do a fantastic job at exuding sex appeal.

What pieces do you feel the sexiest in? Is sexy even important to you when it comes to your wardrobe? Would love your thoughts.



Bryn Taylor