I wanted to make it easier--and more comfortable--to dress for a night out. Below are some of my thoughts and inspirations throughout the process.

Many more designs coming soon.  xo, Bryn

SB edits_group 1 sketches, Designer Diary (2).jpg

Meet Germaine.

The Germaine was one of the first dresses I designed when I started Faites Simple. I wanted an elegant, modern dress with sleeves. So many designers forget about sleeves! It's made from a delicious stretch knit that moves with your body. Draped pockets in the front, and a super flattering floating top offer subtle, impactful details. Bra-friendly, too.  

I can see the Germaine at a dinner party with dressy flats and messy bun, or elevated with strappy heels and chunky earrings for a gathering at a friend's house. 

SB edits_group 1 sketches, Designer Diary (3).jpg

Meet The Paloma.

I love black and white, and the Paloma is my infatuation personified. I actually originally designed this as a sleeved dress, but decided to create the separate Paloma top that can be worn over the sleeveless bodice of the dress. Two looks in one, because, why not? 

I know white can be scary, especially on the bottom, so we took extra care to make it wearable and flattering with camouflaging gathers at the waist, and a double-lined skirt.

The Paloma is pretty perfect for that annual gala, or even a sleek black-tie look.